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Providing the Valley with professional on-site emergency
first aid since 1999.

First Responders, Inc is a professional staffing agency that provides on-site emergency care to people in need medical/nursing treatment.  We do this by providing RNs who are educated, trained and experienced in the science of providing emergency care to patients.  The nurses are supported on-site by professional EMTs.  For more information, contact:


The advantages of utilizing First Responders are numerous:

  • There is a considerable cost savings to the promoter as there is no longer a need to have an ambulance parked nearby "just in case."  
  • Most patients do not need an ambulance.  Our staff can recognize when an ambulance is needed and call EMS when necessary.
  • There is an immediate increase in the level and professional quality of care delivered to the patrons on site.
  • First Responders provides licensed professional nurses and certified EMTs.
  • Excellent customer service and patient satisfaction allow for a greater positive experience and peace of mind for the attendees and promoters of the event.