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With spring and summer upon us, now is the time of year we start seeing more organophosphate poisonings.  Of course, we probably won't see anyone at the ballpark with it (unless it's a groundskeeper!), there is always the possibility that someone will come to the game after spending all day out in the yard spreading pesticides on his petunias! 
So, with that in mind, please click on the link below.  It has all the information you need to learn more about organophosphates poisonings, how they present, and how to treat. 

Heat Illness

No need to tell you that we will see our share of heat related illnesses at the ballpark and other venues.  Click on the link below and educate and refresh yourself on heat illnesses.

Preparing for the Heat

There have been quite a lot of studies looking at concussions and the cumulative effect concussions have on people, especially younger athletes.  The young athletes are often pressured by their coaches, parents, peers and even themselves to get back out on the field.  It is imperative that we, as First Responders, act appropriately and as a patient advocate in order to protect our patients from further harm.  Click on the link below and review the concussion guidelines.

SCAT2 Assessment Tool

Concussion Guidelines

Orthostatics Protocol

As what do we do with all suspected overheated and dehydrated patients?  Why, that's correct! Orthostatics!  Click on the link above and you'll learn our Orthostatics Protocol.